Why would you entrust to me,

The secrets of your soul,

Which are only offered up in desperation,

As a last resort,

In search of salvation.


How can I hope to help you,

When I can’t help but find myself in your shoes,

Disoriented from the displacement,

Of seeing the smallest part of me,

So suddenly embodied by your confessions?


What could I ever give you,

That couldn’t be taken with a grain of salt,

When you see the tears streaming down,

The flushed cheeks of my plastered smile,

Handing over robbed riches.


Where could I lead you,

On your quest for fairer skies,

That I would not seek out myself,

If only Time would grant me,

The courage to pull myself from the fog.


When you leave my side,

It won’t be my choice,

Though it will still be my fault,

Sundering my facade to reveal,

A man with no answers.

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