I can’t help but watch you,

Float away,

Carried by a boat built of driftwood.

I made this sea for me,

But it seems you’ve taken it with you,

And I’m stuck back on this deserted shore,

Suddenly afraid of swimming.

Too afraid to test the water I used to call home,

(or at least escape)

Afraid to intrude into you and yours.

Stuck on the beach,

Holding my breath,

As if I was breathing the waves into being,

Trying to keep sight of you,

But you won’t see me,

Won’t look.

Can’t hear my screaming pleading,

Because I’m too afraid to disrupt the scene unfolding.

So instead I watch,

As my love takes me away with it,

To unknown horizons,

Ne’er to be mine again.

I can’t help myself but I’ll watch,

As you paddle away,

With your oars built for me.

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