Indentured solitude

When I saw you,

I knew:

I could only belong to you,

In the way only a soul can,

Through combination of a,

Cosmically cruel,

Twist of fate and a,

Cosmically cruel,

So-called ‘will’.


We laughed and we ‘loved’,

As children do:

Openly and quickly.

But Time was not on our side,

And temptation works as an agent of discord.

Blindness overtook me in the night,

Like a stupor.

When I reached out for solace,

I felt your emptiness in an unfulfilled grasp.

In the blink of an eye.

Without seeing I knew,

A piece of me was gone from my reach.



I see these days,

As most men do:


Heaven has forgotten my name,

Erased the registry of my blemish,

(Rightfully so, if you want to be a stickler)

As an unwhole soul,

What other choice do they have?




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