The Age of the Young (Wo)Men


The dawn carried the whisper of a question:

‘Where are you now?’,

As uncertainty rained down like acid on those,

Now obviously,

Fragile and stupid sand castles,

Pretending like we were protected.


Say goodbye to Tomorrow,

For now and then just don’t mean what they used to;

We’ve traded promise for scrip,

Which is to say we’re stuck.

Quickly now,

To the window,

Of certainly someone else’s soul,

So we might find the source with the answer,

For our troubles so we might blame them away.


You know,

In the moment,

I didn’t think it would be this dark,

This then-future-now,

Swallowing the mantric light that illuminated,

My past-promised future;

I’m too young to feel too old to start over again.



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