Beggars can be choosers

I saw God today,

Outside of a Gas ‘N’ Go,

Brought to truth by that oppressive heat above,

(S)He sat with the disciples unwitting,

Gracious in being,

Always at hand,

But especially grateful to be present

For just

Long enough

To be needed,

One more time,

If you ask it.

Their devotion spilled forth from their,

Otherwise focused vessels,

In a way contaminating the atmosphere,

With the distinct taint of das Elend.

Luckily I had my holy rock turned inert symbol,

To glance at, so publicly, as to announce

The importance arriving unto me,

Foreign and impossible to grok.


As I glance back to the moment I sidestepped,

A pathetically engaging look that never came:

(S)He held communion with the earth,

(Achieving the peaceful oblivion that,

To date, my late night pinings can’t seem to clasp,)

In spite of the momentum my gait surely carried,

(None among us have studied my walk more than the walker)

I walked through the valley of mild discontent and emerged unscathed,


But when I stepped past,

I found myself alone,

In the midst of men,

A promise delivered.


Yea (S)He delivered just what had been asked,

A frozen missive,

Shot through the would-be wall of summer smog,

That icy echo of goodbye,

Caught at least one second too late.





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