You without you

I watched someone die today,

And by watched,

Of course I mean walked,

Right along-side,

Stamping my feet so indelicate,

Ignoring the ripples emanating,

From my very own timequake:

Earth uprooted,

Turned about,

And set back down with the slightest tweak of  die ordning:

Where life had flowed,

A quiet coldness sat dammed.


When I slammed my door shut,

I couldn’t have expected,

That the dull echo would stick inside,

Drowning out what was happening,

In unshakeable perpetuity,

The tide rolled in and back in again,

Before it had a chance to leave,

Sucking me undertow,

Face to face with the pale visage,

Of an empty you.


You died today,

Alone before my eyes only,

Leaving me without and address,

For the sorrow you left behind.



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