The Sun will surely set tomorrow

Do you love the dawn,

The way a pregnant mother knows:

Blindly and quiet,

With an anticipation,

Framed by certainty?

The magical moment of God’s own creation,

When potential outshines the sun.

Tingling anxiously for the now-morrow,

Before the light gets her turn,

To draw the line in the sand,

(As it were)

Encircling infinity,

With furious ignorance as if to say:

“You are here.”

But with the last moment of eternity,

You get to stay t/here,

Satiating yourself on the now without the crowd of,

That impatient kommend.


– Daybreaks blindingly –


With wordless will,

The instant, melted down and re-meted,

By heavenly flame,

Stretches towards infinity,

But with finite passion,

Like a yellow-bricked road,

Paved with truth.

(As it were)



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