The Natural Order


With no ears to hear.

The winds were quiet.


Snow fell with molecular baggage:

Ashy regret tied onto every flake,

Tainting the once white backdrop,

Replaced by a shadowy stain.


Where land before laid,

Only the smoldering remained;

Existence erasing from an invisible poison,



With no one around to bear witness,

None born to the task of askinig:




Life, though,

Finds a way upwards,

Breaking free from the layer of history,

The dark and tight blanket holding us together,

And just in place;

The war took a toll on all the Earth,

But consistency most of all felt the blow,

As reality slipped farther away daily,

A fleeing from reason,

Not from devious machinations,

Rather, the obeyance of the one Truth:

Die Natürliche Ordnung.



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