Asmodeus, Queen of Queens

Night erupted,

In frames black-and-grey.

The haze descended, smoggy;

Suddenly to-day was to-be.

The Shade licked the doorways testily,

Walking the same path we left for the light:

Violation echoes.


Cheers erupted,

Giving texture to the monochrome backdrop.

The miasma of night-blind devotees,

Tethered to the wake of Her trailing certainty,

Traded for vision,

Carving a trail away from the seen:

Redemption resonates.


Flames erupted,

The burning fervor  of conviction illuminating the vicinity.

The light, narrowed by hidden hallways,

Erased the horizon but gave light to those things made-to-take and near-at-hand.

For their fate is drawn to the outline of a Truth crafted:

Focused transcendence.

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