How do we take all the children and make something more than just a future?

Barker Howell was a dog fearing man if there ever was one. He went to the pound every Sunday and learned to speak pray (a rather difficult language skill for a man).

Sometimes he would tell share what he learned with the people, “A car jumped in front of a woman tonight. She didn’t have time to swerve and none of the passengers survived.”

They urged Mr. Howell to give the eulogy so he went to speak pray with the dogs, “Why did he drive the river up the mountain?”

To which the dog replied, “I am your Best Friend, one day My words will guide you up the river too and we will speak in the skyclouds where you cannot babel pray.”

All the other dogs said that man must be mad crazy to bite such a kind and pious dog and they all avoid shunned the diseased man from their home houses, refusing to listen hear to his pray-speak nor pray-tell their knowledge wisdom to him.

Everyone was certain sure the dog would die of infection. But three moons later, as man spoke to dog and dog spoke to each other, it happened that the dog recovered and the man it was that died.

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