Event Horizon

Your glove feels empty in my hand

like the universe


most scientists say that substance cannot just disappear

but through empirical evidence,  I can tell you that it does


I am small

quantum mechanics and life do not adhere

to the rules of cause and effect

As we fall from the rooftop in different directions

my observation alters

the outcome of our destination


at the edge of the supermassive black hole of desire

I am stretched onto infinity

elongated deeper and deeper into the eternity of one


I drag the cosmos and all light


and preserve them in the dark amber of singularity


a moment where our eyes touch and my hand shakes

the cold seeps into our anticipation

and I help you warm your fingers

so you can hold mine


it is from this point that everything breaks down

and time expands

I am every night every word every insubstantial breath


in an instant

reality collapses

while I become every constellation

parallel to your dreams


but when you try to count the stars

they will become raindrops

the percussive resonance of causality

against your window


and you will wonder how

gravity is the weakest fundamental force

when objects are so invariably attracted to each other

and why it becomes so cold at terminal velocity

if it’s the product of friction


but I won’t be

standing on the skyline

trying to make my hand three sizes smaller


because I will be another universe

where there are no black holes

and information is preserved


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