My Mirror-laden maiden

Mirror, Mirror leaned against the wall,
See inside & show outside,
What is in a face.
Deliver unto me,
What it means to mean:
I have always loved you.

Share with me your garden, Eve,
Including your fruit not forbidden,
But familiar and fleeting,
An itch in an infant’s throat,
Fresh-born and screaming,
For home.

The sky drops smiling tears,
Shuddering with anticipation of a sighting,
Of reaching out:
yearning to touch
just for one
moment or less.
Dance with me,
Circled by a shower,
Not storming,
Like adoring fans,
Leapt from their seats,
To reflect even an ounce of you.

Mirrors, Mirrors falling from starlight,
See clearly & show sincerely,
What is in her face.
Deliver unto her,
A message from me and us:
You will always be loved.

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