My Cousins can see in the dark // Nightblindness

The darkness encapsulated,

Rises as a replacement,

Casting a purposeful,

Which is to say not consequential,

Shadow right where we are about to step;

Sundering the neophytes and long-held ignorance,

Forcing our hand into the sheer absurdity,

Grappling at the unfamiliar rockface,

Obscured by the lack of starlight,

Searching for the relic,

A Man-Made Miracle ©,

To restore the world preserved in crumbling tom(b)(es),

Rallying against that-which-we-name Evil:

The negation of the implied subject.

The Nightborn Sun dawns an unfamiliar landscape,

Invisible to our children’s minds,

Concealing the Gaze from our nightmares:

The future unknowable.

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