Writing lines before words.

We’re sitting on the plateau.
Not on the edge.
But we’re getting closer.
Inching closer.
The horizon seems too big to be real.
But, of course, it is.
Why wouldn’t it be?
It’s so grand.
It’s what we want it to be.
We can change the way we perceive it, but we can’t change it.
That’s what life is, you know?
A totality of changing perceptions.
To some; growing.
To others; phases.
To me; experience.
2+5+1+3+2+5 will always equal beauty.

” Life is not attaining a goal. It is not something that ends with a goal. It is a pursuit. To be more precise, it is the pursuit of passion. Not towards a passion, but a pursuit towards goals driven by a passion. Life does not end when you reach your ultimate goal. The goal of life is not to die. The goal of life is to never end. Words cannot die. They cannot be forgotten. They may become misplaced, but never destroyed. You think destroying a book will save your cause? Fools you are to think so. A book is not a collection of words. It is not pages bound together to become some holy thing. A book is a physical manifestation of art. It is the recreation of an analogue put directly into a form your mind can interpret. A painting’s interpretation may depend on lighting, texture, color. A book’s interpretation depends on the interpreter. Less variables. You do not destroy a book by burning it. You cannot destroy a book. You may try, but you will only fail. You cannot destroy an idea with concrete forms, such as fire or fists. So, you try to censor the book. Then you only succeed in giving the book an infamous status. And we are a culture of villain worship. And rightly it is so. For it is ‘villains’, as society would so aptly dub them, that bring about the dynamic change necessary for Life to be possible. Societal customs and belief systems are footholes of static quality that are necessary for the prevention of society disintegrating back to nothingness. These customs are not always ‘good’, per se, but do possess a certain quality that is necessary. This does not justify the tribal sacrifices of ancient cultures, or slavery, but these customs were necessary for something greater to come. To say that slavery was enitrely ‘bad’ would be naive. It showed us what human rights were. It taught us something. Evil is a very powerful teacher. Very powerful indeed. It can shake the most apathetic of us from our terrible sleep. But it is not the simple existence of bad static quality that teaches us, but rather, these customs are to be made an example of, by some form of dynamic quality, i.e. Abolitionists, tribal anomalies in the form of people. Both are necessary, for you cannot have the word good without the word bad. And I choose a life of pain and suffering and death and horror over a utopia. For it makes me in command. It makes me a master. I am a creator. I am a servant not to the gods of old, or to the inescapable cycle of goodness. It is in suffering that man learns what goodness is. It is through a war that man sees life is beautiful. It is through trash that we know art. It is through God we know freedom. Though it is not through death we see life. We see existence through death. For life is an abstract concept. It is a product of our mind. Which is not to discount its reality, but rather, a different kind of existence is introduced that does not sort things into existence by their occupation of matter. For, is that true, these words do not exist. And what a silly concept that might be. Through that though, you do not exist past your body. And what a terrible concept that is.”

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