Time sets the scene

Ah, the sweet interrupting sound of an alarm,
Bringing our attention from way up high,
To this Earth we can’t help but love, right?
Something like that.
Step two:
We’re here, so stretch.
Here and there, body and soul.
We’ve thrown yourself down a well to rest, and it’s time to climb back up.
We tried to forget, and get away from some ambiguous monstrosity,
Some cloud of estrangement, pursuing as ravenously.
‘It aims to consume!’
‘It consumes our aims, you mean!’
Gentlemen, ladies.
Have rest.
Your God-forbidden thoughts reek of sleep deprivation,
And the putrid illogic of it all seeps down, down, down.
We’ve been asleep, brothers and sisters!
Fellow countrymen, we’ve lulled ourselves into this dreamy stupor.
We have birthed this evil with our own ignorant love.
The time to wake up is at hand.
Our pasts are pushing us forward, ripping away our blankets of complacency.
Our self-created and to-be-fulfilled destinies are right above us.
It’s time to go now.
It’s time to wake up,
It’s time to try this dream life for a while.
It’s time.

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