This is my Life; this will be my End

This heat is our desert.
The trivial saving grace for the solidarity of our human race.
Finaly! Something we can share in!
We’re not alone anymore. Rejoice!
We are united!
But whats the price?
Our minds and bodies have become untied.
For the measly sum of 2 letters, you can revamp, reshape your world, they say.
You can shed worries and sorrot alike,
By leaving your mind behind.
What a deal!
-It sounds absurd, doesn’t it? (God, I hope it sounds absurd to everyone else.) When its prhased like this, how could a human being ever choose to get rid of their humanity? But this isn’t science fiction, this is investigative journalism. The materialistic tendencies of our world view today are attempting to reduce us to physical systems without an explanation. Zamyatin’s fears seem to have been fulfilled even earlier than he could have imagined. we are marginalizing ourselves along the lines of Logic.I am tired of this War that is so trivial. We want to pick a side, this half or that, instead of championing the united nation of Humanity. We are Americans, or Christians, or women or homosexual or evil, but never human. It is time to accept our responsibility of rebuffing these crimes against humanity that are culling our “non-productive” characteristics & defend these victims of genocide by the instigators own methods: truth & reason. Te reinsertion of truth into the everyday life and mind of the everyman has long been preached and is needed more and more as time is added to the mix. This is why I’m here. This is what wakes me up. This is what drags me to class to listen to racists and fools laugh and jeer at authors hundreds of years gone. This is my honor-bound duty. This is my tie to the human race, my paternal instinct, my inability to all

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