The Trip

And thus,
This was.
I awoke to find myself in a desert,
Surrounded by bodies and faces.
But without ears or eyes.
I am lost.
This is no shock.
This is the scene.
Over and over again.
It deserves no awe.
No silent appreciation.
We have known, deep below ‘us’,
That this time would come.
My brothers and sisters, I am ready.
I have prepared for this day,
With my thoughts and directions,
My words and actions.
I have shaped myself into a statue,
Which is to say,
A state of being that will thrive alone.
I ask one request.
Will you examine your own live?
See it from the inside?
Will you gaze upon your soul,
And the world of you,
That no one will ever see.
Will you do this?
And will you be a facilitator of truth?
Or will you twist the interpretation to fit convention?
I beg of you,
On my knees,
For the sake of my ‘God’,
Do not lie,
To yourself.

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