The Deconstruction of Dependency/Narcissism or Qui est-ce qui; qui est-ce que

Appellez-moi par votre nom.
This empty cove,
With thirst unquenchable,
Littered with sea-shell shaped memories,
Is the dock where my desire leaps,
And sinks through the cloud,
Of dreams I thought could hold me.
Appellerai vous par mon nom.
Step back from the edge of my sight,
Closer and nearer to me and you.
Embrace you and me,
And the fellowship that held us back from jagged cliffs,
Whispering silent confirmations,
That time isn’t standing still.
Appelez-moi par votre nom.
Take me away from the horizon,
Bring me back to here,
Onto the sandy shores that sink so perfectly under my weight,
Displaced between your/our\my triumphal arches.
Look in(to/through) my eyes,
Without the razor-thin glass to distort.
Appellerai vous par mon nom.
With the late rising stars as voyeurs,
Take me to the doorstep,
Of a house so full of sleep.
Hold my nether lip close enough to taste,
And with the memory still sickly sweet on our lips,
Take your hand in mine and as we turn the handle:
Appellez-moi par votre nom.

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