Summer Love

With the sun casting his shy gaze downward,
I can already begin to feel you,
The girl with sun-lit hair
And a matching stare.
Our eyes are crossing paths,
Exchanging more than words.
It seems, I’m losing.
In you.
Now time’s standing still,
And this pleasure is gonna tear me up.
Enter stage left the girl of dreams,
To teach me what life is really about, it seems.
Bend down and whisper the truth:
“You’ve got, a lot of things to learn”
But Lord, don’t I know it.
It’s turning me into Nietzsche, and Kant, and Gondry, and Pirsig.
Camus and Bradbury.
da Vinci and Heinlen.
They’re all fighting for my mind.
But it seems I’ve acquired the desire,
For beauty and sunshine.
And now, I’ve found them both in the same face.

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