Mind Filth

You think you leave the past behind,
But then you step into lucidity, occasionally,
And it all comes back.
It never really left,
Just your attention.
I fit in with you,
For a while.
For two months,
My mind was yours, world.
And I saw what you did with that gift.
Saw how you repay everyone’s donations:
Drug induced stupor.
I’ll stick with the world I found among Truth and The Lack Thereof.
No fear though,
I’m not running away from you.
You are my brothers, sisters, children and elders.
You belong to me, though I would have made you better.
Or so I say.
I take it as my charge,
Hear me now and bind me to these words,
To improve the mental state of those I come across.
It does not matter if I carry out my goal to perfection,
So long as it remains, perhaps the only?, constant in my life.
Know me, know God.
Which isn’t to say I created the cosmos;
I would have done it better.
Rather, see my soul and see a completely self-fulfilled human being.
Invert that reverence you throw towards the stars,
And use it’s strength to hold your head up, so that you may look your fellow Beings in the eyes.
Use it so that we are no longer a herd, but a gathering of individuals.
Help me in this fight,
And your reward will be a freedom that you’ve never known:
Freedom from yourself.

It is strange, no?
‘Freedom from one’s self’.
However, it is not so strange on second glance.
We make decisions that impact the rest of our lives,
They shape our paths, they facilitate further choices.
They are shackles on opportunity.
People have forgotten this.
Which is why they glide through life.
They know not a feeling of anxiety,
Which is perhaps exactly what they need to stir them from their waking routine.

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