Lizard Teeth

The lizard lashes out,
Toothlessly grasping for sustenance,
Reaching towards my skin.
Dream-scenes wrap night-time around, around and down;
A gentle vortex of freedom that keeps the chameleon at bay.
‘Lorca warns ” The iguana bites he who does not dream”, you know.
The prodigal reptile saves us from ourself,
Waking us up out of our waking life,
That we have settled so comfortably into,
Shaken awake by the tyranosaur the lives his daytime in darkness,
Trading the schemes that people cement with the ticky-tack of post-it notes,
Reading ‘reality’ and ‘common sense’.
The change is in the air,
The winding winds of change,
That route through the solid mountains of filth that fill our horizons,
Vertically expanding, completing the fearful sphere,
That blocks out the sun and stars alike,
Trading duality for nihilation through stagnation.
I ache for the phantom pain of your fangs in my arm,
The venom of memory pulsing through my soul,
Burning away the dreams that used-to-be.
Come to me, my sweet reptilian reminder,
That I am free to not be me.

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