Leave it all behind, after all

So many things wrong in the world.
Too many people messing with our lives.
It is becoming unbearable, these ‘people.’
Ruining everything for everyone.
Should I leave it all behind?
Simply ending my life, would that make it better?
No longer would I have to hear my tormented soul;
always crying out for help to any who would listen.
It will finally be silenced with a simple action.
Nor would I have to live with this hate, welling up inside myself,
Towards these horrible people who dare to call themselves human.
I could be rid of it all, all these grotesque habits of the world.
But with these horrors, I would leve behind the simple joys,
The things in life that make it bearable.
Leaving it all behind; depressing memories along with joyous occasions.
Beginning to cry, and then to laugh,
Screaming out in silence as I perform that simple action,
I left it all behind.

Now as it stands,
It seems I’m gone.
But look deeper,
Under the fossilized remains of these words,
Look at how they lie.
The truth is?
Suicide isn’t my scene.
Not any more.
This is just an insight from the past.
A humbling, if you will.
A reminder that I am not an amazing or ideal person.
But only that I am a person.
I do not want your love or admiration thrown upon some effigy.
An effigy of me.
Look into my eyes sometime,
And know that my inability to break away,
To stop staring,
Is due to the fact that I want so badly to see a face before I die.

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