Insanity is change is evolution is, repeat and reverse.

“If you ask me, I’m not the crazy one.
Lord, not at all.
Crazy is the double standards.
Crazy is the blind loyalty to convention.
Crazy is the reluctance to live in today.
I’m not crazy.
I’ve said that sentence too many times in my life.
So many times.
I almost, almost believed it.
Heh, I can remember.
And really remember, not just recollect,
What, as you like to call it, insanity feels like.
And you wouldn’t believe the beauty in it.
A beauty you can exist in.
Not with,
Not view,
Not hear.
But a beauty you are.
And you want to damn me for this.
You want to damn all men for this craving towards a beauty you can’t grasp.
We, the crazies, don’t hate you.
We don’t fear you.
We don’t pity you.
You’re an animal.
You’re running on instinct,
And you’re not worth acknowledgment.
But then again, we know you conventionalists have never had a stomach for truth.”

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