Hate me, kill me

The world’s sick.
All of it sick.
How could we ignore the symptoms?
How could you shake your head at the despair,
The anxiety that has tortured men’s souls?
This pestilence has taken too many men from me!
From us!
And what happens to the man who gazes through the plagued clouds?
Do men raise him up on their shoulders, with cheers and applause?
They replace his name with ‘Villain”.
They hate him.
Kill him.
“Shut your eyes, kid!
It doesn’t matter.
Nothing matters.
So just go with the flow.
The truth got beaten,
Didn’t you see the fight?
It was all over.
Not the news, but it was all over.
You could see it everywhere.
Complacency won out.
Convention is our master.
History is our religion.
Don’t you read the signs of the times?
Don’t you look into your neighbors eyes?
That’s where you should have looked.
You can see the battle waging behind their locked-in eyes.
Hopeless gazes.
Trust me, you don’t wanna be no hero.
Not here.
Not anymore.
They’ll hate you kid.
They might even kill you.
We don’t want heroes anymore.
It reminds us that we were wrong in throwing out truth.
It hurts us.
So deep.
You were just born in the wrong time, I guess kid.
Born in the wrong time.
There is no wrong time, save all of time!
That is our plague.
This temporal tyrant lashing us to make haste unto death!
And it is not a matter of revolution, but revolt.
We will not win.
I can accept that.
I have accepted it.
I will not accept living in a cowered state of shame.
Afraid to look unto great men, lest the light burn my eyes accustomed to the dark.
Call me a villain.
Hate me.
Kill me.
I shall know the life I lived,
And the love I gave unto the world.
Hate me, kill me.
And watch that knife slide right through me into the whole human race.

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