No physical conversion,
Lord no.
That leaves evidence.
We’ve got to get inside their heads metaphorically.
Convince them we’ve got all the answers.
Don’t let them negate our situation!
Don’t let them say no.
Once they’ve got freedom, they’ll never let go.
Keep the masses uninformed and complacent,
So we can march through the streets,
Tearing down mental walls with overt patriotism,
And listening to Machiavelli in between the lines.
‘We will win the fight against the individual!
They are a thing of the past.
We are greater now!
We have no need to waste energy on thought on every level of society,
Let us do the thinking for you!
Have more energy to devote to leisures and work.
Leisures and work.
‘Do not support terrorists’
They seek to destroy our way of live, by definition.”
(Do you ignore the question of why they assault us so?
Do you ignore the fact that their must be a reason they view our lifestyle as punishable by death?
Can’t you see that They and We in their hands are power structures to separate and control, more than linguistic categories?
How do you ignore the cries within your mind? Your very being posits itself against your actions, yet you continue?
We are not the enemy.
We are the Freedom, the Passion and the Revolt that belong to each man.
We are here to fight for the first, on more than the superficial level that they ‘assure’ you,
So that you may find yourself in a state of Passionate Revolt.)
“This message has been sponsored by the Entity. We appreciate your time and don’t forget to support X, by satisfying all of your shopping needs in one trip.

We will win the fight…”


Too many people, I firmly believe,
Accept it as a truism that society is more advantageous than individualism.
But I can’t buy it.
I can’t find it within me to accept that they are somehow more important than me.
Sure, I care about other people.
But not more than myself.
That doesn’t make sense to me.
If they’re so much better than me, so deserving of my love,
They should already have it.
Not through merit, but entitlement.
We must love all! they shout.
But to what end?
Where do we honestly think we’re heading?
Has anyone considered asking for directions?
Anyone thought about who’s driving?
We’re cruise-controlling through our lives,
Missing the rest stops and picnic tables that hold the private histories that have survived time and trial.
And we’ll never be the wiser.
You want one secret to life?
It works for me.
Listen up, and don’t shrug this off.
I swear, this is important.
Vital, the central theme to my life.
Maybe not that intense, but I need to get this across to you:
Live by your convictions.
When you are convinced of something, apply it to your life,
and for the love of Humanity-through-yourself,
Do not let truth escape your life.
Start with this one:
You are an individual.
Act like one.

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