Sneak away from sight,
From the minds of the night-shift watchmen.
Come steal from the rest of the world,
This little one by one section of existence,
Cut right from the quilt of eternity.
Let’s lay it out on the hills,
That bury our forgotten forefathers,
And coax out new ones with the aid of spring rains.
Run with me,
Through times when men cried for men they’ve never met,
Or homes that have known no warm embrace,
To battlements where soldiers fight away the sleep,
And across countries where Gaea is all alone.
Sow the seeds of your soul,
Far across the horizons that serve both dawn and dusk,
Into the sweet, stinging water that crashes against still rocks.
Let the world feel you,
Deep within her,
And all across her skin.
Now sleep with me.
Close your eyes and let the roots take a hold around you.
Reaching up through and into.
The sun rises and peeks into your eyes,
Awakened, now, you feel the blood course like magma through your veins.
And then,
The rush fades,
Tucking you into the warmth of an earthen blanket of nothing.

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