(E)Utopian States of America

Mountain-men watch my slumber,
Safeguarding against the waves of the outside.
Hear me that here I am home.

My brother’s arms fade from memory,
Replaced by bionic counterparts.
Where I once found my past,
Now only arms too-strong to hold me close,
But strong enough to keep me away,
Push against my will,
The machine internalized.

My father’s face has faded from the mountains,
Faded with the mountains.
Breaking the chain through time,
Of me and myselves.
The monuments of my family crumble,
Dust to dust once more.

The night-sky is thrown like a net,
Rooting our feet mid-stride.
We are stagnant in regards to moving forward,
Settled for the front porch comfort of here and now.
We secede from the Union of Tomorrow and Yesteryear,
And form this new Confederacy of Dunces in the image of our maker.

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