Be-things no more

Sleep no more.
There isn’t time to waste,
No dreams that we can leave unfulfilled.
Come with me,
To be my witness.
Under our Mother’s blanket,
We can escape from this/them,
Without anyone to build up the walls of ourselves,
To cage us in.
We can run as beings,
Instead of be-things.
I need you to run with me,
To leave this behind,
Like a distant nightmare,
That we can forget about,
Free of guilt:
Everyone deserves one chance to re-define.
Wake up.
They’ll be coming soon,
The midnight mob knows I’m here.
They know what I’m trying to do,
And they’ll blame you for it too.
So let’s erase them:
Make them not exist so that we can,
Finally in the image that we paint with our own hands.”

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