And we will live alone in a crowd

In and out.
Deep and long.
In and out.
Strike a flame,
Breathe in and out.
Watch the man’s life, as it just begins,
Deep and long.
In and out.
Here, then gone.
Breathe for the man.
In and out,
Deep and long.
What’s this?
Every breath is step to death?
And so it is.
Has been,
Will be,
World with an impending end,


Now, one again.
Are you begining to see?
Experience, experience.
Quality neither preceeds nor succeeds existence.
It is a human facility.
No more,
No less.
And what a trick Quality has played on our feeble minds,
Hiding within all of existence,
Or, so it seems.
But you see,
Quality is innocent of deception.
Of all the evil that was found in the world, man’s hand was found as the instigator.
We have done this to ourselves.
Not the people we are at this moment,
But the past chain of human beings that decided to curse or mind.
This is not informative, but persuasive.
And then?
And we will live as ones in a crowd of ones.

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