A Journey Ending with The Sun

It seems the time has come,
To change times.
I’m just looking for some conversation,
But it seems everyone’s still hiding in the past.
Guilt keeps pushing their heads into the sand.
And we’ve made it this far,
Pretending we’re growing,
But thankfully,
We’re falling down,
Into what got named Hell.
Everyone’s losing their minds,
And our sanity is coming out of acceptance these days,
People keep shaking their heads,
Knocking out the ringing of life’s sweet bliss.
I can’t help looking back though,
And wonder what I’m supposed to do?
To detect a right path would take too much.
So it looks like I’m falling, searching and losing my mind.
My mind’s going on and on and on.
But it’s running around,
Right back to the same little spot:
We’re stuck on repeat.
I’m dodging left, then up.
Right and down.
Looking over my shoulder,
I’m seeing circles.
I’ve seen this tree.
‘How’d I end up here to begin with?’
I’m seeing so much beauty rise out of the ashes,
And I know people look at the same frames, with water clouding.
It doesn’t make much sense,
But I don’t wanna finish with too many questions.
Which is why I’m riding out the waves,
Rising up and down,
I’m riding on the past,
Watching my feet take me away,
With wonder reserved for the Gods.
So now I confide,
With dawn drawing near,
And sleep overcoming,
All I’ve ever wanted out of life,
Was a drink in my hand,
A woman in my arm,
And a dance,
Slow and full of hurt.
And with a smile coming from all that is me,
I let my eyes fall down,
Signaling the changing of the scenes,
And I whisper my goodbyes.

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