I am your torch; you, my lantern

There’s a haze around me, Of comfort, and love and drink. “Be merry!” They shout, scream almost. But cordially. So I pull out my mask, Dusting it off before donning the screen, And I almost get lost, At first. I faltered. I almost slipped off the precipice. But somehow, But for the grace of Man, go I, I succeeded. I overcame the reoccurring battle, Shit, I won the war. I tamed the ocean, The pushing, Followed by pulling. But I was much too wise to think that this was of my own accord, Entirely, at least. I know that it … Continue reading I am your torch; you, my lantern

The Trial

They called me a killer, But my hands are clean. Tried to tie me down, But my soul was set free. Pushin’ and pullin’ and swearin’ all around, But they ain’t never gettin’ through to me. I still remember the night they arrived, No time for pleasantries, Nor polite words exchanged. They broke down my door, With harsh words and frowns, Demanding that I confess, To the sins only my Maker could judge me for. They drug me from my bed, Delirious and awe-struck at the Midnight Mob, Now invading my home. They carried me off, Blindfolded and gagged, To … Continue reading The Trial