Following the ‘Twisted Staircase’ to Authenticity: The Deconstruction of Desire

In New York City, the seemingly innocuous task of lighting a cigarette in a bar wouldn’t have caused any alarm ten years ago. Today, however, the naive smoker would quickly find him- or herself expelled from the public business. The government of New York has decided to intervene in order to protect the rights of the many at the cost of the few. A ban in public places on a product that can harm nonparticipant bystanders is a fairly understandable decision. However even in private clubs, New York City has decided to invade the sphere of private business owners for … Continue reading Following the ‘Twisted Staircase’ to Authenticity: The Deconstruction of Desire

My Child, My Child, Leave My Soul Not Defiled

The seductive bitch of ideality, Has given birth to a bastard son, To our curse and our demon, Our child of idle-ty. He haunts us from the inside out, Knowing our veins’ secret passageways, Smothering us in listless sleep with our old comforts, Our used-to-be wishes. Our dreams are woven into the stuff of nightmares, Crafted by our own hands, Moving at a sloth’s speed, Running out of control, Out of sight of our awareness, Distracted by neon signs pointing us to all the different whorehouses, Where Lucifer herself whispers in our ears our eternal, base desire: “You are special”. … Continue reading My Child, My Child, Leave My Soul Not Defiled

Childish Rebellion

My fear was born at the cost of my dreams, In that empty passageway, That led me away from my childhood, And up the stairs to the poorly lit stage, Where barely sober patrons, Let their absence seep through their sight, And latch onto my new found presence. Ill-located lights blinded me that night, Blinded me for just a brief enough moment, To escape the damp cellar of a cell, Returning instead to the comfortable young heat, Of true summer. Reality rushes back with the crash from inside a glass, Handel ed without too much care, An injection of sobriety, In … Continue reading Childish Rebellion

Whispers in my ear

SKM Expand, constrict. Eyes shot open. Warmth spreads, Fades with everything. Sweetly drift to oblivion. SKM There’s a dance for all the stars, In my stairwell. The moon joins, Filling the hole of emcee. Glinting off the walls, I can feel their warmth. Bathed in their light, Creeping my body closer. Denial in the form of physical resistance: Impossible. I follow in their giant footsteps, Imitating perfection, With the awkward touch of humanity. Something pulls me towards that, Which seems to push me away. SKM Nature metaphors to mask responsibility, To free the illusive from tangible. Emotions at higher frequencies, … Continue reading Whispers in my ear

Let not my light shine in vain

The wind has left us. She no longer comforts me in these red mountains, No longer embraces me in our ageless plains. She has left. Her sister, water, before her. Throwing the rain far away, And sucking up our oceans. She is gone. We are each of us alone, now. No more a point in the constellations. We are the shooting stars on the blackdrop, Fading before anyone has the chance to look up. Because we claim ownership of existence, Aware of the “subtleties” that our Mother hid, Non-existence is unforeseeable. We are a network. We were a network. Our … Continue reading Let not my light shine in vain

Dear Major Ed Hops

For fear of sounding like a cat, Grasping at air for the sake of pleasure, I must desist. But in the honor of my craft, I must pursue the path unclear, In the face of petty judgement. “Where will you go?” ‘I hadn’t given it much thought, to be honest. I didn’t plan on having a plan. I showed up here just earlier, Sort of a surprise to myself. My feet are aching as though they’ve walked through two lifetimes, But my mind is cloudy as a child’s. I suppose I’ll go when I hear someone call me by my … Continue reading Dear Major Ed Hops

He/She/It is our King/Queen/Savior!

Ahh, the bane of our progress. And yet also quite possibly the true human characteristic. Of those inclined towards Western descent. “We must journey far and long, through peril and toil, In order to find the source of all these things, Of all that is surrounding and choking our minds. That is the important bit: the center. That is what a thing truly is. Once it has been triangulated, We can erase the outer barriers from analysis. They are just a convenient mask, One which we can use to recognize this source.” They seem like children, These amateur cartographers, Rushing down chasms to find … Continue reading He/She/It is our King/Queen/Savior!